Having fun and winning free trips to Cannes :D

JongeHonden, the Dutch young creatives’ association has numerous challenging briefs every year. Usually around 50 teams pitch for each brief. Last year we won 2 second and 1 first places. Here they are:

1st place:
The brief: The mobile provider Hollandsnieuwe gives you 100% control over your phone bill. But people don’t feel emotionally close to the brand – it’s just functional. So we created a brand campaign that leverages their unique proposition by showing what people with 100% control can achieve.

2nd place:
For the Google Re:Brief challenge we had to choose an legendary Dutch ad campaign and create a campaign with the same message that’s relevant today, using Google products.

2nd place:
During the football World Cup in 2012 everyone who bought a crate of Heineken received their own personal supporters shirt. We had to take the shirt and ‘do something legendary’ with it. Our idea was risky, but the result was worth it:

Made together with Judit Kun

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