Dries Roelvink saves the world from global warming

Dries Roelvink is a Dutch national celebrity: a singer and TV personality. For over 20 years he has been famous for his year-round golden brown, slightly overbaked, sunbed look. Energiedirect.nl – a Dutch challenger in the energy market – thinks sunbeds are a massive waste of energy. Since we have a giant sun floating in the sky for free. So, one day we challenged Dries to get rid of his sunbed once and for all. In exchange? If he accepts we would install free solar panels on the roof of his brand new apartment. He accepted! We knew this would be national news, so we just let the free publicity train take if from there.

And there the train went. It was in every newspapers’ tabloid section and generated over €50.000 of free publicity for Energiedirect.nl. But more importantly Dries inspired thousands to save valuable energy.




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