The most successful promotion in the history of Chocomel.

This is a very Dutch case. Two main things need to be said to understand the idea:

First, the Dutch Sinterklaas period is traditionally all about candy, and mainly about chocolate. With one type of chocolate in particular: the chocolate letter.

Second, Chocomel – the favourite Dutch Chocolate milk brand for over 75 years – has always claimed it’s unique chocolate taste.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the Dutch case study. Just look at the pretty pictures. More explanation will follow.

In case (ha-ha) you didn’t get it, or just skipped the video (I know you didn’t) here’s the story.

We wanted to make Chocomel part of Sinterklaas. So we made a small change to the iconic yellow packaging. Turning it into a new product: Chocomel Letters.

Beautiful capital letters decorated all the Chocomel 1-litre packs during the Sinterklaas period – end of November up to December 5th. And they were available in all supermarkets across the country.

We introduced the Letters with a unique activation:
The “Set-Your-Shoe-Machine” (don’t worry, it sounds amazing in Dutch).

Setting ones shoe next to the fireplace is the Dutch version of hanging up your stocking for Santa. Before going to bed children put their shoes next to the fireplace to find some candy or a small present the next day – left there by Sinterklaas. Most kids find their initial as a chocolate letter.

The Chocomel Letters were a huge success. In the end they turned out to be the best promotion Chocomel ever had and had a huge impact in social media. People wanted to order extra letters for their loved ones. Others sent us Sinterklaas-poems (it’s another one of those Dutch traditions). And yes, even those who set their shoes next to the fireplace found a Chocomel Letter in the morning.

Dank u Sinterklaasje.

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